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Let’s start the semester with this fantastic video on the exploration of NYC’s decaying infrastructure.

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I found a present day promotional video made about Rochester, except I think this one encompasses the “Greater Rochester Region.”  Is this the same Rochester I’ve been researching?

Rochester, NY: Where Smart People Live and Smart Businesses Grow

This film is made by Rochester Gas and Electric in 1963 and sheds a very positive and optimistic light on Rochester.  It is separated into three parts, so here they are:

The underground component of the 1.5 miles of the subway is alluring, but it is just as important to familiarize ourselves with the above ground conditions. Where might potential generative armatures begin? What will they connect?  This animated route took us by at least a few parking lots and garages.  What about the vacant lots or excessively wide streets?

British Director Chris Cunningham directs a train/subway music video of Gil Scot-Heron‘s “New York is Killing Me” remix.  I thought it was very appropriate given the subject of my study.  By using subway recordings and footage, he creates something dark but brilliant.

I spent a little time trying to create a 3D diagram of my thesis through Grasshopper.  It’s in its early stages and should evolve into something more complex.

Thesis Web from Jie Huang on Vimeo.

Rochester has it all: abandoned infrastructure [rochester subway], industrial history, and post-industrial deterioration.  It seems to be the perfect fit for my investigations.

And into the tunnel we go…

This clip is part of a Special Feature from “The End of the Line — Rochester’s Subway” DVD. Music by Philip C. Carli. © 2005 Animatus Studio, all rights reserved.