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As the semester draws to an end, my project proposal has become clearer for my intentions of proceeding into a thesis for next semester.  I am interested in studying transportation infrastructures of declining post-industrial cities  and their potential to inform and create emergent systems for urban regeneration.  Although my investigations will consist of three parts:  transit connectivity, their intersections, and these systems’ influence on the city, the focus will be an intervention [or a series] at the intersection[s] of transit networks.  I’ve created an ideogram illustrating a glimpse of a potential transit station that would provide a new armature for Rochester’s downtown.


I did a series of explorations on transit patterns based on proximity of bike to bus intersections to the proposed bus terminal in downtown.  Each animation varies by the number of points GH is calculating.

2 points of proximity|

4 points of proximity|

6 points of proximity|

8 points of proximity|